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Pastoral Leadership Studies

Pastoral Leadership Studies Concentration Requirements: 32 units

ICST 102 Introduction to Intercultural Studies: 2 units

PLST 425 Narrative and Expository Preaching: 3 units

PLST 430 Management in Christian Organizations: 3 units

PLST 440 Pastoral Care and Counseling: 3 units

PLST 461 Integrative Field Studies: 3 units

Upper Division OT/NT/BINT Elective: 3 units

CHIS Elective: 3 units

Upper Division NT Elective: 3 units

Upper Division OT Elective: 3 units

Upper Division PHIL/THEO Electives: 6 units

Religion Major Core Requirements: 38 units

BINT 270 Research Methods for the Study of Scripture: 3 units

BLAN 101 Introduction to Biblical Languages: 3 units

ICST 272A Theology of Church Mission: 2 units

ICST 288 Theology in an Intercultural Context: 3 units

NT 462 Selected Themes in New Testament Theology: 3 units

OT 472 Selected Themes in Old Testament Theology: 3 units

PHIL 201 Introduction to Philosophy: 3 units

PLST 310 Introduction to Christian Leadership: 2 units

PLST 312 Introduction to Pastoral Care: 2 units

PLST 314 Introduction to Preaching and Teaching: 2 units

PLST 420 Disciplines of the Spiritual Life: 3 units

THEO 318 Systematic Theology I: 3 units

THEO 320 Systematic Theology II: 3 units

THEO 499C Theology and Ministry in a Post-Christian Context: 3 units

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