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The department of psychology seeks to enhance students’ understanding of human nature. Proceeding from a Christian understanding of humans created in the image of God, the psychology major explores multiple perspectives of human nature, including cognitive, behavioral, biological, social-cultural, and spiritual. All students learn the skills necessary to conduct research and to evaluate carefully others’ research, with the goal of increasing students’ understanding of human nature. Students interested in counseling are introduced to basic theories and methods relevant to providing counseling services. The psychology major prepares students either to secure employment immediately following graduation or to continue on to pursue advanced study in psychology or counseling at the graduate level.

The bachelor of arts in psychology program consists of field studies, a research component, psychological perspectives, and field application.

Psychology Minor

A minor in psychology is comprised of 21 units of (PSYC) courses.

12 core units of PSYC and 9 elective units.

12 of the 21 units must be taken at Vanguard University.

A Sampling of Psychology Courses

PSYC 320

Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Prerequisite: PSYC 103C. An exploration of human development through the biological, behavioral, cognitive, sociocultural, and spiritual perspectives in a lifespan approach (from conception through death). The course is recommended early in the major and is a prerequisite for other psychology courses.

PSYC 340

Biological Psychology

Biological Psychology

Prerequisite: PSYC 103C. This course is an introduction to the concepts of biological psychology. Beginning with a basic understanding of brain structures, students will gain an understanding of how brain structure relates to brain function and to behavior. Topics covered include brain structure, neuronal communication, drugs and hormonal influences on the brain, visual sensation and perception, sleep and waking states, sexual behavior, brain lateralization, language, and psychological disorders.


Psychology and Christianity

Psychology and Christianity

Prerequisite: Senior standing, declared psychology major. An examination of human nature from the perspectives of psychology and Christian belief. Among the topics covered are the relationship between mind, body, and soul; the nature of human freedom; Christian prayer; conversion; and the relationships between people’s attitudes and their behavior. This course fulfills the Core Curriculum Capstone requirement for Psychology majors.

Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Melissa Brownback


Steven Cuffari

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Douglas Degelman


Noreen Dulin

Professor of Psychology

Michael Hanna

Associate Professor of Psychology

Karen Hummel

Professor of Psychology

Kerry Moore

Assistant Professor of Social Work

Jacqueline Parke

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Elizabeth Powell

Associate Professor of Psychology, Department Chair

Kevin Qualls


Lowell Carl Renold

Professor of Psychology

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