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Physical Sciences & Applied Mathematics Minors

The Department of Physical Sciences & Applied Mathematics currently offers two minors: a minor in Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics. 

Minor in Chemistry

Chemistry is the central bridge between the physical sciences, the life sciences and the applied sciences such as medicine and engineering. Therefore, it serves as a highly valuable complement to your science or engineering physics major. The chemistry minor can be combined with a major in biology, engineering physics, mathematics, kinesiology or any major to deepen your science education and broaden your job opportunities in industry and research labs. 

Minor in Mathematics

The mathematics minor complements and enhances a wide variety of undergraduate majors by providing you with significant mathematical skills and a perspective on the discipline. Students take foundational courses in calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra. For the remaining requirements, students select courses from a wide array of mathematics electives that can complement any major or field of interest. The minor consists of 21 units in the discipline of mathematics.

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