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Explore the Reasoning, Creativity, and Applications of Mathematics with a Degree in Mathematics

If you love discovering patterns and structure in complex processes and are satisfied by logically sound solutions to problems, a BS in Mathematics will sharpen your critical-thinking skills and help develop the analytical tools needed for a meaningful career in your chosen field. This program serves to enhance students’ problem-solving capacities and capabilities as well as improving their reasoning skills. Learn math by doing math. 

Career Outcomes

As a mathematics major, you will be well prepared for many career opportunities that require advanced mathematical training, as the world becomes more quantitative and data focused. These include actuaries, mathematics teachers and professors, statisticians, data scientists, analysts, and research scientists. 

Supportive Learning Community

Small class sizes and an active learning environment will keep you engaged and supported throughout your time at Vanguard.

Hands-on Learning

You will be actively involved in your learning with your fellow students and your professors. There will be multidisciplinary research project opportunities with department professors. 

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