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Equip Yourself for a Range of Careers in a Dynamically Evolving Technical Landscape with a Degree in Engineering Physics

The BS in Engineering Physics prepares students to apply physics principles and engineering skills to solve real-world design problems. With this major you will learn to strategically tackle complex 21st-century technology problems from a multi-disciplinary approach. This program provides students with a firm foundation in physics, mathematics, and engineering design – plus develops exceptional problem-solving skills. Graduates will be competitive for admission into graduate programs in physics, mathematics, chemistry, or engineering.


This major provides flexibility. Acquire a broad background in general engineering principles and skills; engineering design, programming, mechanics, electrodynamics, electronics, optics, thermodynamics and more. This provides you with options as you continue your education based on your career goals.

Practical Skills

Develop practical new skills that are useful in for engineers, like operating machine tools, electronics, or using new computer languages and operating systems.

Preparation for Graduate School

You will be prepared to go on to engineering graduate programs in mechanical, electrical, aerospace and other engineering disciplines.

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