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Find a Career at the Center of Science and Technology with a Degree in Chemistry

If you are interested in working in teams at the interface with other science and engineering disciplines in a broad range of industries, a BS in Chemistry may be for you. The Chemistry major develops your understanding and application of fundamental concepts in the major fields of chemistry including organic, analytical, physical, and biochemistry. Practical and relevant techniques and knowledge are emphasized throughout the various laboratory classes. Since chemistry plays a critical role in many other disciplines, you can complement your studies with courses and projects in subjects such as physics and mathematics. 

Variety of Career Paths

The chemistry degree provides the background and skills to pursue graduate study and professional research in chemistry or one of its subfields such as biomedical science, forensics, environmental science, pharmacology, or materials science. You can also pursue health professions degrees or teach at a secondary or college level.

Invested Faculty

Learn in a personal, collaborative, Christian environment. Professors know you by name and will encourage you to deepen your faith as you increase your knowledge of chemistry.

Hands-on Experience

You will receive hands-on training and access to professional equipment and instruments that allow for wide-ranging experiments and increased marketable skills.

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