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Understand Life at its Most Fundamental Level with a Degree in Biochemistry

A BS in Biochemistry helps unravel the chemical process of living organisms and makes important discoveries at the intersection of chemistry and biology. A Vanguard University degree in biochemistry will deepen your knowledge and give you hands-on experience using scientific tools and techniques to further your understanding of the processes and transformations that occur in living organisms.

You will study foundational and advanced topics in biochemistry, biology, and chemistry, as well as mathematical sciences and physics. Throughout your program, you will have many opportunities to apply your knowledge through project work and laboratory research aimed at tackling real-world challenges.

Professional and Graduate School Preparation

If you’re interested in pursuing a health-related career, the degree requirements for the biochemistry major cover all technical courses needed for admission to medical, dental, pharmacy, physician assistant, and veterinary schools. You will also be prepared for graduate programs in chemistry or other natural sciences.

Research Opportunities

You will have the opportunity to work with Vanguard faculty on faculty-led collaborative research projects using advanced instruments.

Hands-on Skill Development

You will receive hands-on training and access to professional equipment and instruments that allow for wide-ranging experiments and increased marketable skills.

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