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Make Inspiring Others Your Vocation with a Degree in Music Education

The BM in Music with a Pre-Teacher Certification is designed for the student who wants to study music in order to continue their education as a certified music educator. In addition to receiving a well-rounded and comprehensive musical education, current students complete classroom observations, participate in field work with a master teacher, attend professional conferences, and are active members of the student chapter of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME).

Approved Pathway

We are the only private college in Orange County that is endorsed by The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for public schools for the Bachelor of Music in Pre-Teacher Certification (Music Education). This means that our students who successfully complete this degree receive a Single Subject Waiver and may directly enter a teacher credentialing program without first taking the three CSET subtests.

Expertise in Music and Pedagogy

The program offers an in-depth understanding of both music theory and practice, as well as pedagogical techniques. You will become well-versed in music history, theory, and performance, enabling you to become a highly competent musician. Simultaneously, you will receive training in educational methods, classroom management, and curriculum development, preparing you to be an effective music educator.

Increased Versatility as a Musician

Through coursework in music education methods and classroom experience, aspiring educators develop a versatile skill set that enables them to not only play multiple instruments themselves but also teach those instruments to others. This comprehensive training will enhance your ability to adapt and learn new instruments throughout your teaching career, fostering a lifelong passion for music education and performance.

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