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Develop Your Artistry and Build Your Expertise with a Degree in Music 

The BA in Music is designed for the student who wants to study music in the liberal arts degree context. This degree provides a versatile balance of skills which provides the foundation for an array of jobs: private music studio, composition, music industry, music journalism, community music, etc. This program is also well-suited for those students who wish to double major with music and another degree at Vanguard.

Diverse Musical Education

You will experience a well-rounded and comprehensive musical education. You will have the opportunity to study various aspects of music, including music theory, history, composition, and performance across different genres. Private classes enable you to sharpen and refine your own musical skills with a dedicated and specialized instructor. 

Career Flexibility

A Bachelor of Arts in General Music offers versatility in career choices. Graduates can pursue careers as music educators, arts administrators, music journalists, or even explore opportunities in fields like advertising, public relations, and entertainment management. The broad musical knowledge and critical thinking skills acquired during this program will enable you to adapt to various professional pathways within and beyond the music industry.

Preparation for Graduate Studies

Through your coursework, you will gain a strong foundation in musical theory, performance, and critical analysis, making the degree excellent preparation for pursuing a master's degree in music. Through rigorous coursework and practical experience, students develop the necessary skills and a deepened understanding of their chosen musical discipline, setting them up for advanced study at the graduate level.

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