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Bachelor of Music in Pre-Teacher Certification

Offered: On Campus Apply

Core Requirements
Total units: 49

Our degree is designed to equip students to pursue careers in teaching elementary, junior high or high school music in the private or public school setting.

We are the only private college in Orange County that is endorsed by The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for public schools for the Bachelor of Music in Pre-Teacher Certification (Music Education). This means that our students who successfully complete this degree may directly enter a credentialing program without first taking the three CSET subtests.

Current students complete classroom observations, participate in field work with a master teacher, attend professional conferences, and are active members of the student chapter of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME).

Recent alumni have completed Master of Education degrees and secured teaching positions in school districts such as Los Angeles, Newport-Mesa, Orange, Placentia, San Bernardino, and Tustin.

Musicianship Requirements: 34 units

MUSC 128 Harmony and Form I: 3 units

MUSC 129 Musicianship I: 1 unit

MUSC 133 Harmony and Form II: 3 units

MUSC 134 Musicianship II: 1 unit

MUSC 228 Introduction to Music Technology: 1 unit

MUSC 225 Music Form and Literature I: 3 units

MUSC 226 Musicianship III: 1 unit

MUSC 336 Music Form and Literature III: 3 units

MUSC 234 Musicianship IV: 1 unit

MUSC 273 Introduction to Conducting: 1 unit

The fine arts requirement for bachelor of music candidates is satisfied by completing the following music history sequence (MUSC 253, MUSC 325, MUSC 326, MUSC 327). Candidates for jazz studies must take MUJZ 355C in lieu of MUSC 325.

MUSC 253 Music in Global Cultures: 2 units

MUSC 325 Music History and Literature I:3 units

MUSC 326 Music History and Literature II: 3 units

MUSC 327 Music History and Literature III: 2 units

Choose based on private instruction: 2 units

MUSC 373 Choral Conducting: 2 units

MUSC 374 Instrumental Conducting: 2 units

MUSC 233 Music Form and Literature II: 2 units

Choose: 2 units

MUSC 301 Counterpoint: 2 units

MUSC 403 Instrumental Arranging: 2 units

Performance Requirements: 15 units

MUSC 105A Class Piano I: 1 unit

MUSC 105B Class Piano II: 1 unit

MUSC 145A Class Piano III: 1 unit

MUSC 145B Class Piano IV: 1 unit

MUSC 205A Class Piano V: Keyboard Improvisation: 1 unit

or completion of Piano Proficiency

Piano candidates must have passed Piano Proficiency to apply to the Bachelor of Music degree program.

Large Ensemble: 8 units

MUSC 221, 240, 241, 250: 1 unit

MUSC 321, 340, 341, 350: 1 unit

Applied Instruction: 2 units

MUSI 201 Vocal: 1 unit

MUSI 211 Piano: 1 unit

MUSI 221 Guitar: 1 unit

MUSI 231 Organ: 1 unit

MUSI 291 Instrument: 1 unit

MUSI 200 Recital Attendance: 0 units

(Co-requisite with Applied Instruction)

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