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Bachelor of Arts in Music

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Core Requirements
Total units: 52

The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree is designed for the student who wishes to study music in the liberal arts degree context. This degree provides a versatile balance of skills which provides the foundation for an array of jobs: private music studio, composition, music industry, music journalism, community music, etc. The Bachelor of Arts in Music is also well-suited for those students who wish to double major with music and another degree at Vanguard.

Highlighted skills courses include: Pedagogy, Music & Business and Internship

Musicianship Requirements: 31 units

MUSC 128 Harmony and Form I: 3 units

MUSC 129 Musicianship I: 1 unit

MUSC 133 Harmony and Form II: 3 units

MUSC 134 Musicianship II: 1 unit

MUSC 225 Music Form and Literature I: 3 units

MUSC 226 Musicianship III: 1 unit

MUSC 228 Introduction to Music Technology: 1 unit

MUSC 273 Introduction to Conducting: 1 unit

Choose one (depending on primary instrument)

MUSC 373 Choral Conducting: 2 units

MUSC 374 Instrumental Conducting: 2 units

MUSC 325 Music History and Literature I: 3 units

MUSC 326 Music History and Literature II: 3 units

MUSC 327 Music History and Literature III: 2 units

Choose one (depending on primary instrument)

MUSC 382 Instrumental Pedagogy: 2 units

MUSC 420 Vocal Pedagogy: 2 units

Choose one (depending on primary instrument)

MUSC 402 Instrumental Arranging: 2 units

MUSC 410 Choral Arranging: 2 units

MUSC 406C Music and Worship: 3 units

Performance Requirements: 25 units

MUSC 105A Class Piano I: 1 unit

MUSC 105B Class Piano II: 1 unit

MUSC 145A Class Piano III: 1 unit

MUSC 145B Class Piano IV: Keyboard Improv: 1 unit

Or completion of Piano Proficiency Exam

Large Ensemble: 8 Units

MUSC 221, 240, 241, 250 (1 unit)

MUSC 321, 340, 341, 350: (1 unit)

MUSC 462 Music & Business: 3 units

MUSC XXX Internship (1 unit): 2 units

Applied Instruction: 6 units

MUSC 108 Beginning Guitar Class: 1 unit

MUSC 111 Beginning Voice Class: 1 unit

MUSI 201/401 Voice: 1 unit

MUSI 211/411 Piano: 1 unit

MUSI 221/421 Guitar: 1 unit

MUSI 231/431 Organ: 1 unit

MUSI 291/491 Instrument: 1 unit

MUSI 200 Recital Attendance: 0 units (Co-requisite with Applied Instruction)

Secondary Instrument (2 units)

MUSI 101/301 Voice: 1 unit

MUSI 111/311 Piano: 1 unit

MUSI 121/321 Guitar: 1 unit

MUSI 131/331 Organ: 1 unit

MUSI 191/391 Instrument: 1 unit

Worship Leadership Emphasis (Optional): 12 UNITS

The Worship Leadership coursework provides additional readiness for service in the church ministry environment. The coursework uniquely develops worship leader skills needed for today's churches: multiculturalism, creative worship, music leadership, administrative practices, and songwriting. These courses include:

MUSC XXX Foundations of Worship & Multiculturalism: 3 units

MUSC XXX Creative Worship Workshop: 3 units

MUSC XXX Music Production & Songwriting: 3 units

MUSC XXX Leadership & Music Administration: 3 units

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The Vanguard Music Department has been a genuine home and family to me. It is a true blessing to be surrounded by faculty and fellow students who have a mutual heart for music and experience the inescapable joy that it brings. There is so much talent within our department however, our inspiration comes from the persistency of our professors who teach us to continuously strive for progress.

Kayla Harrell, '20
Music Major