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Multiple Subject Matter Program

The multiple subject matter program allows students to complete their subject matter competence through undergraduate coursework, in preparation for pursuing a teaching credential.

This means that Vanguard students who major in the Liberal Studies program and complete the required coursework will not need to provide CSET scores for Multiple Subject Credential Programs in the state of California starting May 2018. Our program has been approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) for those seeking a California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential (Students should refer to the graduate program in education for specific information about completing a teaching credential).

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Requesting an Official Subject Matter Waiver Letter

If a student plans to attend a Teacher Credential Program at another institution and/or if a student is requested to provide an Elementary Subject Matter Waiver Letter as proof of Subject Matter Competency for an employer, then students may contact the Department of Liberal Studies at alex.lin@vanguard.edu to request an Official Letter through Vanguard University. Students must have their evaluation requested and completed prior to being provided with an Elementary Subject Matter Waiver.

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