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Liberal Studies Major

Liberal Studies Major Requirements

The Liberal Studies program that is outlined below incorporates content specific courses to meet the California Teaching Credential expectations for a Liberal Studies major. In addition to the Core Curriculum, students must take the following courses:

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English: Language, Literature, and Composition a minimum of 9 units

EDUC 220C Researched Writing for Liberal Studies Majors: 3 units

ENGL 340 Children’s Literature: 3 units

ENGL 453 Language, Culture, and Linguistics: 3 units

Mathematics/Computer Science is a minimum of 6 units

MATH 120 Math for Elementary Teachers: 3 units

EDUC 330 Integrating Technology into Classroom Teaching: 3 units

Science a minimum of 6-9 units

BIOLLife Science Course: 3-4 units

PSCI/CHEM Physical Science Course: 3-4 units

(i.e., CHEM 112C, 112CL or PSCI 216C, 216CL)

Visual and Performing Arts is a minimum of 9 units

ART 330 Art Techniques for Teachers: 3 units

MUSC 337B Music for Elementary Schools: 3 units

PHIL 201 Introduction to Philosophy: 3 units

Social Science is a minimum of 9 units

HIST 356 History and Geography of California: 3 units

POLS 155C United States Government: 3 units

(A requirement for obtaining a California Teaching Credential)

SOCS/BUSN 215 Economics (Macro): 3 units

Human Development is a minimum of 6 units

KINE 435 Physical Education for Elementary Schools: 3 units

PSYC 320 Developmental Psychology: 3 units

Professional Requirements and Prerequisites a minimum of 10 or 12* units

EDUC 100 Introduction to Education: 3 units

EDUC 315 Teaching in a Multicultural Setting: 3 units

EDUC 499C Senior Capstone Seminar: 3 units

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