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Pursue a Career Where You Can Make a Life-long Impact in the Field of Education with a Degree in Liberal Studies

The traditional B.A. in Liberal Studies curriculum covers a broad spectrum of liberal arts and sciences to give future teachers a solid foundation of knowledge and ideas to use in diverse Multiple Subject classrooms. This is Vanguard's traditional teacher education program where students complete their Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies and then following graduation or additional post-college experience may choose to continue their education to complete their teaching credential. Our curriculum is grounded in theoretical frameworks and sustaining pedagogies that foster critical thought around equity, access and justice.

State Approved Subject Matter Program

Students who graduate with a major in Liberal Studies will satisfy the subject matter competence requirement for Multiple Subject credentials, earning a Multiple Subject Waiver. This is a streamlined pathway that removes many of the extensive testing and financial barriers required to become a teacher such as the comprehensive California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) exam.

Hands-On Classroom Fieldwork Experience

You will experience strong mentorship and support from public and private school K-6 teachers through our many local school district partners. Coupled with strong mentoring and advising support from Vanguard faculty and School of Education staff, this personalized approach to gaining practical experience is part of why Vanguard graduates go on to make such an impact.

Strong Focus on Evidence-Based Practices in Teaching 

You will learn about and develop a broad range of teaching approaches including academic-based approaches, faith-based approaches, and socio-emotional development approaches that effectively address diverse student populations.

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