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Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are most helpful to students when they include specificity and detail regarding a student’s academic work and examples of relevant strengths and professional skills. To assist me in writing a letter that will be most beneficial to you, I need your help in providing the information noted in the list below.

  1. Please provide your name, address, phone number, email address, and any other relevant contact information.
  2. For each program you are applying to, please provide the (1) name of the school, (2) name of the program, (3) specific degree you are seeking (Teaching Credential, MA, MS, PhD), (4) date by which the recommendation is needed, and (5) address to which the letter of recommendation should go (or simply indicate “online”).
  3. Include any paper form that needs to be completed. Make sure that you have completed and signed sections intended to be completed by the applicant.
  4. What classes did you take for which I was the instructor? For each class, include the name of the class, the semester and year taken, and the grade earned.
  5. For each class you took from me, please write a brief description of a specific assignment or project you completed that you thought was exemplary and/or a description of why your work in the course was significant and what skills it may have highlighted.
  6. In addition to the classes you took with me, in what other ways have we had significant contact during your time at Vanguard (academic advising, teaching internship, research, informal conversations, etc.)?
  7. What was your overall GPA at Vanguard?
  8. Describe any volunteer or employment positions you have held that are relevant to the programs for which you are requesting recommendations.
  9. If there are particular professional qualities or skills you would like mentioned in the letter that you believe you possess, please list them along with an example of how you exemplified that skill in your time/work at Vanguard.