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Liberal Studies

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Liberal studies is an excellent choice for those planning to become elementary school teachers. Success in this program will lead you to our school’s teaching credential program. Other reasons for choosing this major is to consider careers in law, seminary or public service.

What Makes Us Unique

  • Engage in hands on classroom opportunities to work with children from culturally diverse communities
  • Develop and gain knowledge on faith-based approaches to teaching
  • Gain full exposure to all the potential educational careers that will help you to become a teacher, school psychologist, counselor, administrators and other important educational roles
  • Acquire strong knowledge in all the elementary subjects with the opportunity to develop specialty in a field (Psychology, Special Education, etc.)

Liberal Studies Major

Liberal studies is also an excellent choice for those planning on entering graduate school. Examples of students who should consider the major are those planning on law school, seminary, elementary education, or a public service career.

Multiple Subject Matter Program

Students who follow the current Core Requirements of the Liberal Studies program may utilize their coursework to meet the Elementary Subject Matter Competency requirement for Teacher Credentialing instead of taking the Multiple Subject CSETs.

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Single Subject Matter Programs

The single subject matter programs allow students to complete their subject matter competence through undergraduate coursework, in preparation for pursuing a teaching credential.

Pathway to Graduate Education

Deciding to major in Liberal Studies or enrolling in Vanguard University’s teacher credentialing program is a pathway to making a difference in the lives of others. Based on current economic outlooks, students who choose to enter the teaching profession can anticipate a stable, rewarding career in education. Our programs prepare education professionals for Christ-centered service in the classroom or leadership in administration, where your impact on young minds, curriculum development and school systems can be measured for generations to come.

A Sampling of Liberal Studies Courses

Introduction to Education

Teaching in a Multicultural Setting

Intregrating Technology into Classroom Teaching

Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Alex Lin

Chair of Liberal Studies, Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies

William Hughes

Administrative Assistant

Kyanne Albelo

Adjunct Professor

Keisha Lee

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Adjunct Professor of Liberal Studies

Lissa Slay

Adjunct Professor. Theatre Education

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