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Make a Career About Strengthening Others with a Degree in Kinesiology and Concentration in Health & Human Performance

The BS in Kinesiology with a concentration in Health and Human Performance is designed for those interested in helping others achieve greater levels of overall health, fitness and sport performance through a focus on lifestyle choices.

The degree will equip you with valuable knowledge and skills that can be broadly applied to promote scientifically-based interventions that enhance motor performance and optimize physiological response to exercise or physical activity. The combination of course work and practical experience positions students for continued study at the graduate level in Kinesiology or for entry level positions in the health, fitness and sport industry.

Strong Career Outcomes

Previous graduates have successfully entered careers as practitioners within sport organizations, corporate fitness programming, health agencies, educational institutions, and tactical professional training programs. Additionally, numerous graduates have continued training within the allied health fields or master’s degree programs.

Specialized Courses

The concentration provides opportunity for students to advance their knowledge and skills within the domains of sport nutrition, strength & conditioning, and electrocardiogram assessment and stress testing.

Outstanding Facilities

New state-of-the-art kinesiology labs and classrooms, adjacent to athletic training facilities in the Freed Center for Leadership and Service, support student learning and provide hands-on learning opportunities. 

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