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Shape the Citizens of the Future with a Degree in History & Political Science and a Teaching Credential

The Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP) for History & Political Science grants undergraduate students the opportunity to earn both their BA in History & Political Science and a Teaching Credential in only four years. This intensive degree program is devoted to preparing the student for teaching social sciences at the junior high and high school levels. 

This program blends subject matter preparation and teacher preparation by offering coursework in both areas concurrently and in a connected manner during their undergraduate years. ITEP students get the same degree experience as other History & Political Science degree seekers, and the flexible curriculum still allows time for options such as study abroad or pursuing a minor.

This program follows standards established by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and is an approved Single Subject Matter Waiver Program. 

Accelerated Program

Students will complete most classes for the BA in three years. The fourth year is dedicated to the practical requirements of a teaching credential.

Practical Experience

History & Political Science has a strong culture of teacher mentors, and teaching assistantships are encouraged, so that students enter their 4th year of teaching credential coursework already having gained experience in classroom management, grading and leaving student feedback, preparing a lecture or lesson, and delivering content in front of a class.

Christ-Centered Approach

Graduates from the ITEP program go on to teach vital subjects in middle schools and high schools, such as social studies, history, civics and political science. You will leave Vanguard with a strong Christian foundation, practical experience working with diverse student groups, and a keen understanding of your subject area, preparing you to succeed in any educational context. 
One class I encourage all prospective teachers to take is Teaching in a Multicultural setting and spending as much time in a classroom observing teachers in action. . . . The biggest take-away from studying to be a teacher at Vanguard University was having my own status quo challenged and becoming open-minded as I was shown the many facets and perspectives in history.” Cassidee Platner, 2016

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