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Discover Your Roots and Build Your Legacy with a Degree in History & Political Science

With our dual degree that examines the ways politics and the past still shape us, a BA in History & Political Science offers students the opportunity to study historical events and political ideas in the tradition of a Christian liberal arts education.

Courses such as US Foreign Policy, History of Mexico, and the History of Human Rights present you with a view of the world framed by a commitment to the common good and human dignity.

The flexible curriculum allows students to choose courses that spark their interest and best fit their career goals. Students particularly interested in attending law school in the future should also consider adding the Pre-Law minor to their degree plan. 

Stories That Matter to You

You will be able to explore history and social movements specific to your roots and find out how your family and your identity may have been shaped by these events. The dual focus of the program lets you dig deep into this personal history, while never losing sight of the framework of the events of global history. 

Meaningful Dialogue

Whether in your classes, through the student-led VU Forum club or the annual department speaker series, you will encounter special guests and experts from career fields that demonstrate the importance of studying history and political science. You will learn how to engage in positive, meaningful dialogue about important events and issues affecting society today. 

Put it into Practice

The department has strong relationships with museums, law firms and local government, enabling students to find internship opportunities that put their knowledge into practice. Faculty in the department also supervise original student research projects in the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP). Past projects include family research and historical research into topics such as the Bracero Program and Filipino farmworkers and the Chicano movement. The BA in History & Political Science prepares graduates for careers and for advanced study. 

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