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History and Political Science

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The department of history and political science engages students with these two disciplines in the context of a Christian worldview. Students will become familiar with the cultural, political, economic, social, and religious development of world civilizations. This familiarity will enhance their ability to understand and evaluate the historical origins of contemporary society and culture as well as the political processes of human social institutions. Serious engagement with a body of literature and schools of thought will deepen students’ appreciation for the past, serve as a gateway to the present, and provide the intellectual tools for further study.

History and Political Science Major

History and political science graduates should be able to describe the cultural, political, economic, social and religious development of world civilizations.

Public Policy Minor

Public Policy is an interdisciplinary social science minor established to equip students with the theoretical perspective, analytic skill and substantive knowledge needed to deal with domestic and global policy problems. Vanguard alumnus Nathan Gonzales (’00), editor and publisher of Inside Elections and top political analyst and consultant to national news networks, encourages all students to take public policy courses so as to actively participate in and shape political debate from a well-informed perspective.

A Sampling of History/Political Science Courses

POLS 323

Christian Political Thought

Christian Political Thought

This class is a study of the complex relationship between church and state, the Kingdom of Heaven as it relates to earthly kingdoms, and what civil law means in light of grace, as understood by major Christian philosophers in church history.Students examine scripture, as well as the writings of Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, John Calvin, the American Puritans, and contemporary thinkers.

HIST 373

The Good Old Days: The United States, 1945-1963

The Good Old Days: The United States, 1945-1963

Explores political, social, economic, and cultural developments in the days of the high Cold War.

HIST 470

The History of Childhood

The History of Childhood

An advanced research seminar in which students consider age as a category of historical analysis. Students produce article-length papers of original research on a topic of their choice related to the experiences of children or ideas regarding childhood in history.

Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Kristen Lashua

Chair, Department of History and Political Science, Assistant Professor of History

Kathy Rim

Assistant Professor of Political Science

John Wilson

Professor of History and Political Science

Michael Wilson

Professor of History and Dean of the College

Cheryl Jensen

Program Coordinator, Social Sciences

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