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Shape the Voice of the Next Generation with a Degree in English and a Teaching Credential

The Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP) for English grants undergraduate students the opportunity to earn both their BA in English and a Teaching Credential in only four years. This intensive degree program is devoted to preparing the student for teaching at the junior high and high school levels. This is a career that will allow you to share the joy and excitement of literature and writing with future generations of students.

This program blends subject matter preparation and teacher preparation by offering coursework in both areas concurrently and in a connected manner during their undergraduate years. ITEP students will have the same opportunities as other English degree seekers to read literature, write creatively, and think deeply about how humans experience the world in every way, including spiritually.  

This program follows standards established by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and is an approved Single Subject Matter Waiver Program. 

Accelerated Program

The beauty and attraction of the ITEP program is that it offers an accelerated course of study in English language and literature before addressing the skills needed for classroom teaching. Students will complete most classes for the BA in three years. The fourth year is dedicated to the practical requirements of a teaching credential. 

Practical Experience

ITEP in English prepares students for a career in teaching by combining the study of literature and writing with practical experience. Before entering the fourth year of credential studies, ITEP degree seekers will have already observed a secondary school high school classroom. This experience allows students to consider their vocation before entering the classroom as a student teacher. All students will have the opportunity to engage with a mentor teacher in a classroom setting. 

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