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The English department facilitates the rigorous study of literature and writing through Christian perspectives on ethics, imagination, diversity, and truth; informed analysis of creative literature, and advanced strategies and techniques of written communication, rhetorical analysis, aesthetic appreciation, and literary theory. The English department promotes spiritual development through the integration of faith and learning.

English majors may choose one of two emphases within the major: Literature and Textual Analysis or Writing. The English curriculum provides a single-subject matter program approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Minors are offered in Journalism and Digital Media or English.

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Literature and Textual Analysis

This emphasis develops students’ understanding and application of fundamental concepts including period focus, children's literature, and script analysis.


This emphasis develops students’ understanding and application of topics such as creative writing, digital writing and design, and journalism principles.

English Minor

The English minor consists of 21 units in English. Students may choose courses according to their interest. ENGL 120C and ENGL 220C do not count towards the minor.

Journalism and Digital Media Minor

In an increasingly digital world, students with skills in media production and writing for online contexts will be prepared to work in a variety of industries. The Journalism and Digital Media minor provides students with fundamental journalism training, while also equipping them to create in multimodal environments, including audio and visual production and social media platforms.

Single Subject Matter Program: English

The single subject matter programs allow students to complete their subject matter competence through undergraduate coursework, in preparation for pursuing a teaching credential.

Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Warren Doody

Associate Dean of the Division of Education, Arts and Humanities, Professor of English

Mary Frandson


Laurie Hatch

Associate Professor of English

Shana Koh


Karrie Preasmyer


James Prothero


Jennifer Russum

Assistant Professor of English

Ben Wilson


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