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Become a Future-Oriented Creative Disruptor with a Degree in Communication and a Concentration in Technology & Emerging Media

Are you interested in a creative career? Do you get excited about the ways technology and media changes the way you interact with your world?

A BA in Communication with a concentration in Technology & Emerging Media teaches students how to approach diverse forms of technologically mediated communication, how to create content that is visual as well as written or spoken, and how to adapt to career fields where skill sets are always evolving.

This concentration offers courses such as social media, graphic design, event planning and mobile and web development, preparing students for work in creative agencies, technology, marketing, social issue engagement, and as content producers and future social media influencers.

Customize your Journey

This concentration is intentionally flexible, to allow you to customize your experience to fit your talents and interests. All students will learn essential communication theories and methods, that will help them succeed in corporate, institutional and creative settings. Then students will select communication tools: those essential digital skill sets such as image creation, video creation and graphic design. Finally, students will explore the changing world of communication channels, learning how to communicate via the latest digital technologies or through complex interactions such as events.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

Students are encouraged to pair this degree with a minor that will help them stand out in the job market. Interested in journalism or professional blogging? Consider a minor in journalism. Interested in user interaction or product engagement? Consider a minor in psychology. Interested in engaging in social movements or media ministry? Consider a minor in public policy, women and justice or theology.

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