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Communication Minors

The Department of Communication currently offers three minors: a general minor in Communication, a minor in Public Relations and an interdisciplinary minor in Sports Media.

Minor in Communication

A general minor in Communication is available to students wishing to broaden their perspective and career objectives by learning more about the essential process of communication and its various applications.

Minor in Public Relations

Students with an interest in Public Relations can earn a minor in this exciting field. You will have the opportunity to work with industry professionals and graduate with a portfolio of sample work.

Minor in Sports Media

Sports Media is a rapidly growing area of study in colleges and universities. Digital and social media have created new audiences and new content channels that are seeking professionals with a full set of competencies—writing, video, photography, social media, data analytics and communication skills—to meet their demand. The minor in Sports Media allows students across all majors to develop those competencies and gain hands-on experience in sports media content creation. 

Students will gain a foundation in the methods and techniques for communicating about sports in a variety of formats and media. Students will also participate in a robust practicum program, producing professional-grade content to be utilized by Vanguard Athletics and resulting in a professional portfolio of work for the student to showcase to prospective employers.

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