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No matter where you go or what you do in your professional and life journey, communication will take you there. Those who learn to communicate effectively are the successful leaders of tomorrow. Whether it is communicating in a small group, writing a press release, making a film or utilizing the latest technology, the Vanguard Department of Communication trains students to make a difference in the world.

With a Christ-centered atmosphere, the Department equips students with both theoretical and technical knowledge in various aspects of Communication. Students will be well-prepared for the job market and a productive life of creativity. Small class sizes foster authentic relationships between faculty and students that encourage academic and professional growth for the student. Our faculty are highly regarded in their respective fields, and many continue professional work in addition to their scholarship.

Students will possess the communication skills – oral, written, visual and technical - that provides a foundation for further study as well as makes them attractive to employers in a diverse workforce, including humanities, social sciences, business and law.

Communication is part of the human condition, and the better one is at it – the further they can go!

Program Highlights

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  • Lambda Pi Eta
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  • Faculty Mentors
  • Tight-Knit Community

You can customize your experience by choosing one of the following four concentrations:

Technology & Emerging Media

Are you interested in a creative career? Do you get excited about the ways technology and media changes the way you interact with your world? The Technology & Emerging Media concentration teaches students how to approach diverse forms of technologically mediated communication, how to create content that is visual as well as written/oral, and how to adapt to career fields where skill sets are always evolving. This concentration offers courses such as social media, graphic design, event planning and mobile and web development, preparing students for work in creative agencies, technology, marketing, social issue engagement, and as content producers and future social media influencers.

Public Relations

If you like building relationships, are good sharing your passions or vision, and you care about the impact an organization, brand or product can have on the lives of others, then Public Relations is the concentration for you. Public Relations Is about building relationships between consumers and a product or brand. Your job in that is to create leads, drive traffic, raise brain awareness, connect with an audience -- and that's just the beginning! Public Relations is vital to all types of organizations: non profit, for profit, educational, political, etc. Our concentration in Public Relations is integrative, incorporating both theoretical and a hands-on approach to this dynamic and ever changing field.

Interpersonal/ Intercultural Communication Studies

Rich in theoretical and practical applications, our interpersonal/intercultural concentration invites students to understand the key components to communication in relationship with others. Course offerings such as interpersonal and intercultural communication, small group communication, and family communication allow the student to understand how to relate to people across a variety of situations. Communication graduates in this concentration enter a wide variety of occupations including, but not limited to: law, education, human resources, non profits, start-up jobs, entrepreneurs, management, community outreach, community relations, and sales. In other words, a concentration in interpersonal/intercultural communication will help you get a job in any field involving relating to other humans.

Cinema Arts

The Cinema Arts concentration focuses on independent filmmaking and the art of storytelling. Student in this concentration learn the process of filmmaking and critical technical skills that will enable them to work in a variety of roles in the entertainment industry. You will work with a close-knit group of peers on hands-on film projects, gain professional experience through internships, and develop a Christ-centered approach to creativity and artistry. Many Cinema Arts students go on to work not only in film and television production, but also in church media ministries, advertising agencies, Internet startups, wedding and event photography, and corporate video production.

Meet Our Faculty & Staff

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Matthew Barnes

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Thomas Carmody

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A Sampling of Communication Courses

COMM 220

Elements of Storytelling

Elements of Storytelling

An introduction to story structure, this course focuses on envisioning story ideas and developing those ideas into written formats for the screen and other mediums.

COMM 309

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Prerequisite: COMM 273. This course will serve as an introduction to the theory and practice of graphic design. Students will learn the basic principles and elements of graphic design, the history of graphic design, form/symbol development, typography, identity design and page layout. Provides practical experience in essential studio techniques and technology, critiques and group discussions. The creative design process and problem-solving skills are emphasized throughout the course. Lab Fee.

COMM 345

Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication

The process of communication as it applies to cross-cultural situations, i.e., where the respective participants in the process are members of distinctly separate cultural groups and situations specific to such communicative settings and proposed solutions to those problems.

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