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Physical Sciences

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The Physical Sciences department provides training in a Christian environment, preparing students for teaching careers, research and graduate studies in physical sciences and engineering.


This major develops students’ understanding and application of topics at the interface of chemistry and biology, with a focus on problems where chemistry has made a strong contribution to the understanding of biological system mechanisms.

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This major develops students’ understanding and application of fundamental concepts including chemical reactions, stoichiometry, atomic structure, chemical bonding, changes in state and the periodic table.

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Environmental Sciences

This major is no longer available for new students. This program has been replaced with Biology: Ecology.

Chemistry Minor

In addition to general and organic chemistry, chemistry minors are exposed to one more sub-discipline of chemistry.

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Meet our Faculty & Staff

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Roxanna Ochoa Hernandez PhD

Titles: Associate Professor of Biology

Zachary Pettitt

Titles: Adjunct Faculty in Chemistry

Phillip Reid

Titles: Adjunct Faculty

Hady Josseline Ruiz

Titles: Chemistry Laboratory Manager, Adjunct Faculty of Biology

Cathrine Samuel Philips

Titles: Adjunct Chemistry

Brittnei Schaeffler MS

Titles: Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences

Pearl Smith

Titles: Adjunct Faculty of Chemistry

Susan Smith

Titles: Administrative Assitant and Budget Specialist

John Terhorst Ph.D

Titles: Adjunct Assistant Professor of General and Organic Chemistry

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