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Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences

Environmental Sciences Major Requirements
Total units: 67

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Lower Division Environmental Sciences Core Courses: 45 units

BIOL 111C Principles of Biology I: 3 units

BIOL 111CL Principles of Biology I Lab: 1 unit

CHEM 120 General Chemistry I: 3 units

CHEM 120L General Chemistry I Lab: 1 unit

CHEM 121 General Chemistry II: 3 units

CHEM 121L General Chemistry II Lab: 1 unit

CHEM 252 Analytical Chemistry: 3 units

CHEM 252L Analytical Chemistry Techniques: 1 unit

ENVR 150 Intro to Environmental Science: 3 units

ENVR 150L Environmental Science Lab: 1 unit

ENVR 205C General Geology: 3 units

ENVR 205L General Geology Lab: 1 unit

PSCI 215 Fundamentals of Earth Science: 3 units

PSCI 215L Earth Science Lab: 1 unit

MATH 265C Intro to Statistics or MATH 168C Biostatistics: 3 units

PSCI 130/L General Physics I or PSCI 223/L Mechanics and Heat: 4 units

PSCI 131/L General Physics II or PSCI 225/L Electricity and Magnetism: 4 units

Upper Division Environmental Sciences Core Classes: 35 units

CHEM 304 Organic Chemistry I: 3 units

CHEM 304L Organic Chemistry I Lab: 1 unit

CHEM 440 Instrumental Analysis: 3 units

CHEM 440L Instrumental Analysis Lab: 1 unit

CHEM 485 Undergraduate Chemical Research: 2 units

ENVR 305 Intro to Soil Sciences: 3 units

ENVR 320 Hydrology: 3 units

ENVR 335 Intro to Atmospheric Sciences: 3 units

ENVR 405 Intro to GIS: 3 units

ENVR 430 Environmental Policy and Impact Analysis: 3 units

ENVR 499C Capstone seminar in ENVR: 2 units

BIOL 345C Mountain Field Biology or BIOL 348C Coastal Ecology or BIOL 346C Desert Field Biology: 4 units

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