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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Biochemistry Major Requirements
Total units: 72

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Lower Division Biochemistry Core Courses: 34 units

BIOL 111C Principles of Biology I: 3 units

BIOL 111CL Principles of Biology I Lab: 1 unit

CHEM 120 General Chemistry I: 3 units

CHEM 120L General Chemistry I Lab: 1 unit

CHEM 120R General Chemistry I Recitation: 1 unit

CHEM 121 General Chemistry II: 3 units

CHEM 121L General Chemistry II Lab: 1 unit

CHEM 121R General Chemistry II Recitation: 1 unit

CHEM 252 Analytical Chemistry: 3 units

CHEM 252L Analytical Chemistry Techniques: 1 unit

MATH 180 Calculus I: 4 units

MATH 181 Calculus II: 4 units

PSCI 223C Mechanics and Heat: 3 units

PSCI 223CL Mechanics and Heat Laboratory: 1 unit

PSCI 223CR Mechanics and Heat Recitation: 1 unit

PSCI 225 Electricity, Magnetism, Sound and Light: 3 units

PSCI 225L Electricity, Magnetism, Sound and Light Lab: 1 unit

PSCI 225R Electricity, Magnet., Sound & Light Recitation: 1 unit

Upper Division Biochemistry Core Classes: 30 units

CHEM 304 Organic Chemistry I: 3 units

CHEM 304L Organic Chemistry Techniques I: 1 unit

CHEM 304R Organic Chemistry I Recitation: 1 unit

CHEM 305 Organic Chemistry II: 3 units

CHEM 305L Organic Chemistry Techniques II: 1 unit

CHEM 305R Organic Chemistry II Recitation: 1 unit

CHEM 430 Biochemistry: 3 units

CHEM 430L Experimental Techniques in Biochemistry: 1 unit

CHEM 435 Advanced Biochemistry: 3 units

CHEM 440 Instrumental Analysis: 2 units

CHEM 440L Instrumental Analysis Lab Techniques: 2 units

CHEM 456 Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics: 2 units

CHEM 456L Physical Chemistry Techniques: 1 unit

CHEM 457 Physical Chemistry: Kinetics: 2 units

CHEM 485 Undergraduate Research: 2 units

CHEM 499C Capstone Seminar in Chemistry: 2 units

Upper Division Biochemistry Electives: 8 units

Select two lecture/lab combinations from the following:

BIOL 220 Cell Biology: 3 units

BIOL 220L Cell Biology Lab: 1 unit

BIOL 311 Genetics: 3 units

BIOL 311L Genetics Lab: 1 unit

BIOL 440 Molecular Biology: 3 units

BIOL 440L Techniques in Molecular Biology: 1 unit

Requirements for a California-Certified Teaching Credential in Chemistry (5 additional units)

In addition to the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, in which the student must choose Modern Physics as an elective, the student must take the following:

CHEM 212 Teaching Chemistry I: 1 unit

CHEM 214 Teaching Chemistry II: 1 unit

CHEM 325 History and Philosophy of Science: 3 units

EDUC 315 Teaching in a Multicultural Setting: 3 units

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