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Become a Catalyst for Positive Change with a Degree in Business Administration

At Vanguard University, our BA in Business Administration is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in today's competitive business landscape. We believe in cultivating leaders who are not only academically adept but are also rooted in ethical principles. Immerse yourself in an educational experience that seamlessly integrates faith and business, emphasizing ethical decision-making and leadership development.

Education for Ethical Leadership

Benefit from a program that's different from traditional business education. Our small class sizes ensure personalized attention from experienced faculty, guiding you through a curriculum that integrates business fundamentals with a strong ethical foundation. As you navigate through courses, you'll discover how your values can shape decision-making and ethical leadership in the dynamic corporate world.

Real-World Insights and Application

Experience the bridge between theory and practice through internships, case studies, and industry partnerships. Our program equips you with practical insights that prepare you for the challenges of the business landscape. Whether it's entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, or management, the Business Administration program provides you with a strong foundation and flexible electives, allowing you to tailor your degree to align with your unique career goals.

Strong Community Networks

Connect with a community of peers in an environment where your faith and academic journey intersect. Build valuable networks with faculty, alumni and fellow students, establishing connections that extend beyond graduation. 

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