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Pursue a Career on the Cutting-Edge of Science and Technology with a Degree in Biotechnology

The BS in Biotechnology is designed to give you fundamental training in basic scientific principles as well as in specific concepts, techniques, and applications used in biotechnology. This degree will provide you with excellent preparation for medical, dental, or advanced study in molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, or biochemistry, as well as for jobs in biotechnology, agricultural, or pharmaceutical industries. 

Forward-looking Curriculum

The Vanguard University Biotechnology program is future-oriented, with curriculum designed to address the newest developments in the field as they emerge. Courses include Molecular Biology, Intro to Biotechnology, Advanced Biotechnology Methods, Tissue Culture and Bioinformatics and more. 

Hands-on Research

You can work with faculty in the area of genetic and molecular techniques while exploring the world of canine genetics and circadian clock gene Per3 among others. All students have opportunities to collaborate on real research projects and partner with faculty mentors. You will develop important skills through hands-on experiments, which will set you apart from the competition as you pursue jobs or graduate school.

Laboratory Facilities

A dedicated biotechnology lab was recently remodeled to exclusively house equipment and projects for students in the program. Small class sizes and research groups ensure all students get access and experience using equipment and participating in research.

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