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Explore the Earth's Biodiversity and Learn How to Steward God's Creation with a Degree in Biology and a Concentration in Ecology

Ecology is a branch of biology that focuses on living organisms' relationships with their environments. The BS in Biology with a concentration in Ecology has been designed to give you the entry-level qualifications for further study in the basic and applied aspects of ecology. You could use your degree to help preserve natural environments and wildlife or educate the public on stewardship of the earth. Careers could also include applied fields such as environmental management, ecotoxicology, working in laboratories, naturalist field studies, park managers, environmental protection, consulting, restoration, and ecological agriculture.

Broad Perspective

You will discover the processes that influence the distribution of organisms, including humans, and analyze how environmental factors can impact the abundance or scarcity of a species and examine interactions between and among organisms.

Field Experiences

Many classes have a focus on field studies or trips where students see first-hand the interaction of organisms in their natural environments.

Diverse Opportunities

You can take courses with partner organizations that offer field intensives and research options. This can include marine life and diverse environments. Students will receive a strong basic science background that will provide diverse opportunities for ecology careers. The degree will also prepare students to continue their education to become teachers or pursue graduate degrees.

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