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Build the Critical Skills Needed for Success in any Career with a Degree in Biology

The BS in Biology provides a strong foundation in the biological sciences and includes a solid background in chemistry, math, and physics. The biology major focuses on living things such as bacteria, animals and plants. You can choose to learn about the overall field or focus on a particular specialty. The degree will prepare you for both immediate entry into the job market or continuing education in professional and graduate programs. 

Marketable Skills

Your courses will help you develop critical and creative thinking to solve problems by compiling and analyzing scientific information from library, electronic, and experimental sources. You will effectively apply current technology and scientific methodologies for problem solving. 

Flexible Curriculum

The program provides elective space so you can choose courses based on your interests. Biology majors are encouraged to choose additional coursework that broadens their skill set and connects to a desired career path. 

Extensive Career Options

A degree in biology can open the door to a wide range of career options. There are well-known options such as medicine, health professions, teaching, and research, but many biology-related career paths are less obvious. You could find yourself in business, public health, education, even engineering. 

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