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The major in psychology with a concentration in human development seeks to enhance students’ understanding of human nature with an emphasis on human development across the life span from both a secular world view as well as a Christian perspective.

Psychology: Human Development (B.A.)

The program explores multiple perspectives of human nature, including cognitive, behavioral, biological, social-cultural, and spiritual. All students learn the skills necessary to conduct research and to carefully evaluate others’ research. The Psychology program prepares students for employment, especially in human service agencies, or for graduate study.

– Psychology major

Psychology students apply class concepts in a wide range of field practicum settings. Barbara volunteered at the Mercy House Family Care Center, serving children and families transitioning out of homelessness and into stable housing.

Barbara Beltran, ‘18



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A Sampling of Professional Studies: Psychology Courses

PSYD 373

Psychology of the Family

Psychology of the Family

Prerequisite: PSYD 366, PSYD 367. Explores the institution of the family from a multigenerational developmental perspective. Psychological, socio-cultural, and spiritual perspectives are also explored. Students will be introduced to family systems theory as a method of understanding family dynamics and to theoretical orientations of family therapy.

PSYD 449

Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

Prerequisite: PSYD 366, PSYD 367. Addresses the study of human cognitive processes including perception, memory, problem solving, thinking, and hemispheric specialization. Cognitive aspects of psychological and learning disorders are also addressed.

PSYD 460

Field Practicum

Field Practicum

Prerequisite: PSYD 366, PSYD 367, PSYD 368, PSYD 370, PSYD 436, and senior standing. Students apply concepts learned in the major as a student intern/volunteer at a human services agency or research facility. All practicum sites must be approved by the Field Practicum Coordinator for the PS Psychology major prior to beginning the practicum. Students accrue hours over the course of the program; hours must be completed by the start date of the course. Students will accrue a minimum of 90 hours for 3 units of course credit. Coursework includes a written and oral presentation.

Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Noreen Dulin

Professor of Psychology

Michael Hanna

Associate Professor of Psychology

Kerry Moore

Assistant Professor of Social Work

Elizabeth Powell

Associate Professor of Psychology, Department Chair

Lioudmila Praslova

Director of Organizational Psychology

Lowell Carl Renold

Professor of Psychology

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