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Are you interested in learning more about how children think and learn without getting a degree/certificates? Do you, as early childhood practitioners, need to get some college units for your continuing education? Vanguard's Early Childhood program can help you to meet such goals as a Student-At-Large option. Anyone with a high-school diploma or equivalent credentials can take any ECED 1XX or ECED 2XX courses; and anyone with A.A. or higher degree can take ECED 3XX or ECED 4XX courses.

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Featured Courses

ECED 101 - Child Growth and Development: 3 units

This course covers the study of social, emotional, intellectual, physical, creative, and spiritual areas of development from conception through middle childhood with an emphasis on the preschool years. Theories of development are studied along with the various stages of growth. These concepts will be presented from a Biblical perspective.

ECED 109 - Infant/Toddler: Development: 3 units

This course is an overview of the characteristic needs of infants and toddlers birth through age three. Appropriate learning environments and routine experiences will be discussed. Social, cognitive, physical, and sensory motor behavior patterns will be applied in theory and through observation in relation to the environment. A focus on the development of curriculum in meeting the individual needs of the children and the role of the teacher in facilitating growth through play experiences will be emphasized.

ECED 300 - Guiding the Young Child’s Behavior: 3 units

This course examines appropriate child guidance principles and practice. Positive teacher/child interactions along with guidance techniques will be examined. A Biblical emphasis will be placed on teaching self-regulation and self-control concepts that result in responsibility and ownership of behavior. Setting clear expectations and affirming positive behavior will be examined along with appropriate respect for authority and effective conflict resolution strategies. Classroom management techniques will be discussed. Parental involvement and school/family partnerships will be incorporated to serve children in their supporting environments.

ECED 340 - Transitional Kindergarten Programs: 3 units

This course examines transitional kindergarten programs in the private and public sector. An in-depth look at the developmental needs of 4-1/2- to 6-year-olds will be included. Aspects of current brain research on the connection of curriculum to targeted learning outcomes will be reviewed. Specific strategies for measuring developmental milestones for learning will be included, preparing early educators to adequately assess developmentally-effective progression. Aspects of creating effective transitions from preschool to kindergarten programs, including perceptions, expectations, and practices that build strong partnerships with families and elementary schools, will be covered. Appropriate levels of instruction and developmentally appropriate environments will be explored.

ECED 420 - Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis: Autism: 3 units

This course is to introduce Behavioral Analysis in daily life and how the events in daily life affect autistic students’ behavior. Students will learn how to apply behavioral principles to their classes and dealing with challenging behaviors, building positive relationship with their students’ family and students.

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