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Canyon Hills, Bakersfield

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Yes! I'm interested in the Professional Studies Program in Religion

Vanguard University, a fully accredited, private, non-profit Christian University, is proud to now be offering in-class religion courses for working adults in the Bakersfield area.

Ministry and Leadership

Building on nearly 100 years of service to Southern California, Vanguard University is pleased to now be offering courses for working adults in the Bakersfield area pursuing a bachelor’s degree in religion.

Designed to integrate into regular life and support family and work demands, the 5-week accelerated courses are held once a week for four hours. Hosted at the Canyon Hills Church Northeast Bakersfield Campus, these in-class courses provide Central Valley residents with unprecedented access to affordable, accredited, and Christ-centered education.

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Running my own business has definitely taught me things that cannot be taught through school. Prior to my business career I was in the Marine Corps, and learned a totally different skill set. With the different experiences in life that I have encountered it is refreshing to find a school/ program I can use all my experiences.

The SPS program has encouraged me, challenged me, and pushed me to want to be better in my business life, as well as my faith. The program really has opened my eyes to a different side of education that I have never had before. I would 100% recommend this program to anyone out there.

Ben Briggs, '17

Professional Studies Business Student

Sample Student Schedule

Year One

Term One - 6 Units

Theology of Church Mission
and Ministry

Critical Thinking and Writing
for Ministry


Church History

Research Methods for the Study and Preaching of the Scripture

The Ministry of Preaching
and Teaching


Leadership in Christian Organizations

Management in Christian Organizations

Foundations of Christian Ethics

Year Two


Theological Themes of the
Old Testament

Research Methods for the Study of Christian Organizations

Theological Themes of the
New Testament


Pastoral Care and Counseling

The Ministry of the Spirit in
the Church

1 Corinthians: The Church in an Urban Setting


Conflict Management

The New Testament and Contemporary Christian Issues

Change Theory and Strategic Planning in Christian Organizations

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