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Anti-Human Trafficking Certificate

Professional AHTC Program

This certificate is offered to working professionals who are not interested in accruing additional undergraduate semester units. Each course costs $399. Earn the four course professional certificate for $1596 plus books.

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Academic AHTC Program

The Academic AHTC is the traditional program and involves four AHTC courses each worth 3 undergraduate semester units. The completed Academic AHTC Program requires four courses, for a total of 12 semester units overall.

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Institutional Discount

If you belong to an institution or organization which has multiple members interested in taking the Academic AHTC Program, agency agreements can be created which result in significant discounts to each student.

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Study the Issues: Anti-Human Trafficking

Develop new skills and build expertise in the area of human trafficking to update your professional profile, broaden your knowledge base, and keep up with the changes in your field.

This Certificate is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of anti-trafficking efforts and promising practices. The courses are aligned with the 4 P’s model of Prevention, Protection, Prosecution, and Partnership adopted by the U.S. Department of State's Office to Combat and Monitor Trafficking in Persons, while including a 5th P: Policy. Taught by practitioner-experts in the subject matter, these 13 courses provide novices and professionals with the knowledge to identify roles, promising practices, and strengthen community efforts to combat all aspects of human trafficking and exploitation.

A 12 unit Anti-Human Trafficking Certificate includes taking four of 13 courses. Two courses, Human Trafficking and Ethics & Human Trafficking, are required. Students then choose two courses from the remaining 11 courses that are offered on a rotational basis. If you have questions about specific courses, please reach out to our admissions office.

Completion of this study program will build a foundation for novices and field practitioners while establishing a baseline of expected knowledge among professionals.

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This Certificate will establish a baseline of knowledge for professional and students from many disciplines. The literature supports a best practice multidisciplinary team approach to all aspects of anti-human trafficking. For professionals, earning this certificate will provide a strong foundation to bring existing expertise to the table in ways that expand our community and value your unique contribution. Completing the certificate demonstrates commitment and a clear knowledge base. We believe that it will validate your achievement and improve your opportunities for advancement.

Sandra Morgan
PhD, RN, Director of the Global Center for Women and Justice