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Master of Arts in Theology

The Academic Program of M.A.T.

This degree program requires 11 required courses (33 units), 4 elective courses (12 units) and the Exit Option Integrative Seminar (3 units). Students choosing the Directed Reading (3 units) or the Master’s Thesis (3 units) Exit Option instead of the Integrative Seminar will register in additional 3 units for the Exit Option Design and Proposal course, which will be applied toward the 12 unit elective requirement.

The program will consist of 48 total units.

Core Course Requirements 33 units

These core courses embody specific, foundational readings, dialogue and research/writing instruction for each of the three areas of the degree.Students gain familiarity with the scope of each academic discipline enabling them to proceed with the second level of the program.These courses also introduce the student to the books of the Old Testament and New Testament, to the study of Christian theology and ethics, to the distinctive features of a Pentecostal/Charismatic theology of church leadership and mission, including its biblical foundations and moral responsibilities, and principles of leadership which include sermon preparation, administration, pastoral care and counseling, intercultural and urban ministry, and spirituality.

THOG 508 Theological Studies 3 units

OTG 508 Old Testament Exegesis 3 units

NTG 508 New Testament Exegesis 3 units

CLSG 741 Biblical Exegesis and Expository Preaching 3 units

THOG 557 Historical Theology 3 units

THOG 640 Systematic Theology 3 units

OTG 640 Kingdom of God in the old Testament 3 units

NTG 542 Theology of Jesus in the New Testament 3 units

CLSG 715 Church and Contemporary Moral Issues 3 units

CLSG 720 Theology and Theory of Leadership 3 units

THOG 645 Theology and Ministry in a Post-Modern Context 3 units

Elective Course Requirements 12 units

The elective courses provide a broad base of interpretive skills in biblical interpretation, an understanding of Christian theology, and an introduction to the ministry and mission of the Christian church.The elective courses can be distributed between Biblical Studies, Theology and Leadership, or focused on any one of the three areas.

Biblical Studies Electives

Old Testament

OTG 503 Beginning Hebrew I 4 units

OTG 504 Beginning Hebrew II 4 units

OTG 631 Intermediate Hebrew I 3 units

OTG 632 Intermediate Hebrew II 3 units

OTG 574 Old Testament Ethics 3 units

OTG 670 Special Topics1-3 units

OTG 680 Individual Study in Old Testament 3 units

New Testament

NTG 503 Beginning Greek I 4 units

NTG 504 Beginning Greek II 4 units

NTG 631 Intermediate Greek I 3 units

NTG 632 Intermediate Greek II 3 units

NTG 546 Parables of Teaching 3 units

NTG 555 New Testament Ethics 3 units

NTG 670 Special Topics 3 units

NTG 680 Individual Study in New Testament 3 units

Theology and Ethics

THOG 670 Special Topics 3 units

THOG 680 Individual Study in Theology and Ethics 3 units

Leadership Electives

CLSG 601 History of Spirituality 3 units

CLSG 606 Spiritual Formation 3 units

CLSG 607 Spiritual Direction 3 units

CLSG 624 Change and Strategic Planning 3 units

CLSG 632 Team Development and Conflict Management 3 units

CLSG 646 Leadership and Character Development 3 units

CLSG 710 Mission and Culture in Theological Perspective 3 units

CLSG 670 Special Topics 1-3 units

CLSG 680 Individual Studies 3 units

CLSG 690 Seminar in Leadership Studies 3 units

Field Education Electives

FERG 510 Field Education in Student Ministries 1-12 units

FERG 515 Field Education in Church Administration 1-12 units

FERG 520 Field Education in Worship Leadership 1-12 units

FERG 525 Field Education in Family Life and Small Group Ministries 1-12 units

FERG 530 Field Education in Pastoral Leadership Ministries 1-12 units

Exit Option 3-6 units

RELG 693 Integrative Seminar 3 units or

RELG 791 Exit Option Design and Proposal3 units and

RELG 795 Directed Reading 3 units or

RELG 791 Exit Option Design and Proposal 3 units and

RELG 798 Master’s Thesis 3 units

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