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Student Testimonials

I liked the environment so much, I chose it over a full ride elsewhere. 

Noorain Chaudhry, Alumna 2017
Organizational Development Consultant
County of Orange

"I decided to join VU's MSOP because of the personalized attention I received when I visited the campus and met some of the faculty; you could tell they truly care about their students and their futures. I liked the environment so much, I chose it over a full ride elsewhere. While in the program, I loved the camaraderie I developed with my cohort, the content of the curriculum, and the opportunity to work closely with experienced faculty. The networking opportunities I received through getting to know my cohort members accelerated my post-graduation career in the right direction, and I was able to break into the world of consulting/organizational development. I definitely find myself referencing the material I learned in this program and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in developing a career to positively impact their organization and future places of work."



 This program has been an answered prayer to my desire for personal growth and opportunities. 

Katelyn Lee
Class of 2020

"From day one, the professors have created a culture of support that allows for transformational learning; it has been most beneficial not only academically but in my personal life. The way the classes in the program are structured provides students opportunities to discuss ideas learned from reading, daily obstacles at one's organization, and ideas that may be implemented to improve the function in those spaces. Doing this each week makes using the language and ideas specific to the field more natural, which in turn makes delivering professional presentations in the field natural as well. Professors encourage the students to step out and present, all the while inspiring us and giving us the tools to succeed along the way. What is so unique about this field is that one can take their passions and apply them to the field of I/O right away, and as you work on your thesis the learning can fuel your fire to help and bring about practical change in the area of your choice."