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From Science to Practice: Organizational Psychology Bulletin

Enriching the workplace by scientifically integrating psychology and organizational life.

From the Editors

Welcome to this special Issue of From Science to Practice: Organizational Psychology Bulletin (OPB), on employee wellbeing, stress, and safety. OPB invites students, practitioners, and emerging scholars of Organizational Psychology to share with colleagues and the public applied articles on current topics in the field. Core contributors to this bulletin are students enrolled in the Master of Science in Organizational Psychology at Vanguard University of Southern California. Our bi-annual bulletin publishes selected papers representing the work of students as they immerse themselves into the field, analyze current empirical literature, and make connections between the science of Organizational Psychology and practical applications. The bulletin also welcomes papers from practitioners in the field, and students and emerging scholars from other institutions. The set of papers selected for this issue reflects our program’s commitment to responsible, evidence-based organizational practice, and our respect for both organizational outcomes and employee interests. Noorain Chaudry discusses the antecedents and consequences of workplace bullying and offers research-based suggestions for decreasing bullying. Adelina Buonocore explores the potential for negative psychological, emotional, and physical implications of excessive Organizational Citizenship Behavior. Ramina Swanson looks at the impact of conflict in the workplace, highlighting the influential nature of the leader’s own conflict management style. Andrew Cowie offers a brief commentary of decreasing possible violent incidents in the workplace. Ryan Shirioshi explores telecommuting and its potential for increasing both employee performance and well-being. We encourage our readers to participate in conversation about these and other topics in Organizational Psychology. Please see our Call for Proposals for more details. In addition, we would love to hear from you through your letters to the editor.

EDITOR: Ludmila N. Praslova, Ph.D. Vanguard University of Southern California lpraslova@vanguard.edu

ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Eric Rodriguez, MBA Vanguard University of Southern California eric.rodriguez@vanguard.edu
Amber Tippett Vanguard University of Southern California amber.tippett@vanguard.edu

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