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Graduate Certificate in Intercultural and Inclusive Leadership

The Graduate Certificate in Intercultural and Inclusive Leadership consists of 9.5 units that can also be used towards the MAOP or MSIO degrees. This certificate can be completed online.

Organizational Psychology Courses

Unit Requirements: 9.5 units

PSOG 635 Diversity and the Organization: 1.5 units

PSOG 654 Intercultural Relations: 2 units

PSOG 605 Organizational Ethics and Justice: 3 units

PSOG 545 Advanced Social Psychology: 3 units

For questions about certificates, please e-mail organizational.psychology@vanguard.edu

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Enrolled Students

Our students come from 10 different states and completed bachelor's degrees in majors such as business and management, psychology, communication and political science.

Jobs Secured by Graduates

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Consulting Firm Founder
  • Talent Acquisition Partner
  • Talent Management Consultant
  • Organizational Development Consultant
  • National Head of People and Compliance
  • Analyst, Talent and Rewards
  • Program Development Manager
  • Regional Project Manager
  • Training and Talent Development Manager