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Consulting Services

Vanguard University provides Graduate Organizational Psychology students with the necessary skills to effectively address organizational and personnel needs in business and non-profit contexts. Many students have several years of experience helping organizations (see “student profiles” page for some of the examples). In addition, Vanguard MSOP professors have decades of combined experience of working and consulting in business, higher education, ministry and non-profit organizations.

Vanguard’s Organizational Psychology team is prepared to assist in areas such as:

  • Job analysis, staffing needs analysis, and job description development
  • Training needs analysis and development
  • Employee engagement and job satisfaction: evaluation and intervention
  • Organizational climate evaluation and intervention
  • Diversity and inclusion: evaluation, training, and development
  • Custom organizational survey research
  • Leadership assessment and development
  • Turnover analysis and intervention
  • Teamwork evaluation and team building
  • Employee stress evaluation and intervention
  • Conflict resolution

Our students are excited to apply their training and help your organization. Our projects can range from short-term, voluntary positions to full-time, paid employment, depending on the availability of students and faculty mentoring, and the nature of the project.

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Dr. Lioudmila Praslova

Professor and Director of Graduate Organizational Psychology Accreditation Liaison Officer