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Post-Master's Certificate

Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Curriculum Schedule


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First Semester (4 units)

CNSG 612 Advanced Health Assessment for the CNS (2 units)

CNSG 617 Pathophysiology Concepts for CNS Practice (2 units)


Second Semester (4 units)

CNSG 621 Pharmacotherapeutics for CNS Practice (2 units)

CNSG 624 Preparation for CNS Role as Leader, Educator, and Clinician (2 units)


Third Semester (4 units)

CNSG 627 Clinical Practicum I: Expert Clinical Practice and Education - minimum 167 hours of practice (4 units)



Fourth Semester (4 units)

CNSG 622 Clinical Practicum II: Research Competency in CNS Role - minimum 167 hours of practice (4 units)

Fifth Semester 4 units

CNSG 637 Clinical Practicum III: Consultation and Clinical Leadership - minimum 167 hours of practice (4 units)

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