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Master of Science in Nursing

The purpose of the MSN degree is to offer a dual track program for the working, baccalaureate prepared nurse.

Emphasis will focus on the development of both theoretical knowledge and competencies in the areas of nursing/patient/staff education and leadership.

MSN Curriculum Schedule

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First Semester (6 units)

NURS 610 Theoretical Frameworks of Education (2 units)

NURS 617 Use of Technology in Healthcare and Nursing Education (2 units)

NURS 630 Curriculum and Program Development (2 units)

Second Semester (7 units)

NURS 516 Research Methodologies and Thesis Development I (3 units)

NURS 621 Strategies of Simulation Learning and Instruction (2 units)

NURS 635 Class/Course Preparation, Planning and Competency Evaluations (2 units)

Third Semester (6-9 units)

CNSG 613 Advanced Health Assessment (2-3 units)

CNSG 618 Advanced Concepts in Pathophysiology (2-3 units)

CNSG 622 Advanced Concepts in Pharmacology (2-3 units)


Fourth Semester (8 units)

NURS 501 Theoretical Frameworks of Leadership (2 units)

NURS 625 Thesis Development II (2 units)

NURS 651 Advanced Education Practicum - 55 hours practice and 5 hours seminar (4 units)

Fifth Semester (6 units)

NURS 506 Diversity, Social and Global Issues in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (2 units)

NURS 531 Assessing, Planning and Managing Budgets and Resources (2 units)

NURS 536 Gerontology Care for Today and the Future (2 units)

Sixth Semester (7-9 units)

NURS 526 Policies Affecting Health Delivery and Fiscal Systems (2 units)

NURS 653 Leadership Practicum in Healthcare - 55 hours practice and 5 hours seminar (4 units)

NURS 642 Thesis Development III: Final Written Report and Defense - individual meetings with faculty and on campus seminars (1-3 units)

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