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Master of Arts in Leadership Studies

The Academic Program of the M.A.L.S.

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The curriculum is composed of 11 required Leadership courses (33 units), 6 one unit Special Topic Workshops (6 units), and 1-2 Exit Option courses (3-6 units) depending on the Exit Option type chosen. Students choosing the Integrative Seminar (3 units) as the Exit Option will complete a total of 42 units. Students choosing the Directed Reading (3 units) or the Master’s Thesis (3 units) Exit Option instead of the Integrative Seminar will register in additional 3 units for the Exit Option Design and Proposal course, bringing the program total to 42 units.

Course Requirements 42 units

The required courses develop a theological and theoretical framework for understanding leadership, mission and culture, and ethics in order to reflect theologically on what it means to be in authentic community and to examine the impact of mission in the community. The research course provides practical opportunity for students to learn how to conduct inquiry through a variety of methods that will be used in coursework and in the final exit option.

CLSG 601 History of Spirituality: 3 units

CLSG 606 Spiritual Formation: 3 units

CLSG 607 Spiritual Direction: 3 units

CLSG 632 Team Development and Conflict Management: 3 units

CLSG 638 Leadership and Global Issues: 3 units

CLSG 642 Soul Care of Others: 3 units

CLSG 646 Leadership and Character Development: 3 units

CLSG 710 Mission and Culture in Theological Perspective: 3 units

CLSG 715 The Church and Contemporary Moral Issues: 3 units

CLSG 720 Theology and Theory of Leadership: 3 units

RELG 788 Research Methodology: Leadership Studies: 3 units

Special Topics 6 units

CLSG 670 Special Topics: (Six 1 unit workshops): 6 units

Exit Option 3-6 units

RELG 693 Integrative Seminar: 3 units or

RELG 791 Exit Option Design and Proposal: 3 units and

RELG 795 Directed Reading: 3 units or

RELG 791 Exit Option Design and Proposal: 3 units and

RELG 798 Master’s Thesis: 3 units

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