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Teacher Leadership (M.A.)

Program Requirements 30 units

M.A. Electives 6 units

Up to 6 units of graduate education study transferred in from another institution, or six units of graduate electives to be completed at Vanguard University.

M.A. Area of Concentration 12 units

Four courses in the Teacher Leadership Concentration

EDUG 611 Advanced Models of Teaching 3 units

EDUG 612 Theories of Learning and Teaching 3 units

EDUG 613 Spiritual Formation for Teachers 3 units

EDUG 614 Curriculum Leadership and Collaboration 3 units

M. A. Core 12 units

EDUG 605 Current Issues in Education 2 units

EDUG 606 Introduction to Educational Research 4 units

EDUG 609 Curriculum Design and Teaching 2 units

EDUG 610 Assessment and Evaluation 4 units

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