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Teacher Advancement Program

The mission of the Vanguard University Graduate Program in Education’s Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) is to enhance teacher performance in the classroom by offering courses that cultivate effective teaching strategies and skills. TAP provides current teachers with continuing education courses that are designed to increase their knowledge and effectiveness in the classroom.

Vanguard University and TAP have partnered with College Credit Connection (CCC) to offer continuing education courses to teachers in a wide variety of content areas and instructional formats, including online videos and DVDs, traditional face-to-face, online platforms, post-conference and CEU practicum, and independent study. Face-to-face courses generally last from five to seven class periods and are offered in various locations throughout California. Online courses are self-paced and available anytime. Courses are taught by highly qualified instructors with educational and professional backgrounds in teaching and learning.

TAP is a non-degree seeking program, so courses may not transfer to some institutions of higher education for credit. However, the courses are graduate level and therefore may be eligible for salary advancement units. Teachers who hold a bachelor’s degree are eligible to enroll in TAP courses.

Additional information can be found at www.CollegeCreditConnection.com.

"I am truly appreciative of how responsive and prompt you have been despite what I imagine must be a very busy schedule. It's so nice to know that the online courses offered by CCC/ Vanguard are being taught by such caring and dedicated educators as yourself."


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