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Christian Education Leadership with Preliminary Credential (MA)

VU teaching credential students who desire a Master of Arts in Education degree and additional training in Christian leadership may complete the 27 units of coursework in the Preliminary Credential Program; and the 12 units of graduate education coursework; and an additional 9 units of graduate coursework in Christian leadership provided through the Leadership Studies component of the VU Graduate Religion Program. The student must initiate and finish this MA degree within 7 years after beginning the teaching credential program.

Program Requirements 46 units

Prerequisite: Christian Education Leadership series course work; California Preliminary Credential from Vanguard; consent of Director. Regular standing is required prior to enrolling in the M.A. Core.

California Preliminary Credential 25 units

Christian Education Leadership Requirements 9 units

Chose 9 units from the following courses:

CLSG 606 Spiritual Formation 3 units

CLSG 632 Team Building and Conflict Management 3 units

CLSG 638 Leadership and Global Issues 3 units

CLSG 646 Leadership and Character Development 3 units

CLSG 720 Theology and Theory of Leadership 3 units

Other electives from the Graduate Religion Leadership courses, with approval.

MA Core Requirements 12 units

EDUG 605 Current Issues in Education 2 units

EDUG 606 Introduction to Educational Research 4 units

EDUG 609 Curriculum Design and Teaching 2 units

EDUG 610 Assessment and Evaluation 4 units

EDUG 605 must be taken as the first course of MA Core and may be taken concurrently with EDUG 606. EDUG 610 must be taken as the final course of the MA Core. EDUG 609 may be taken concurrently with EDUG 610.

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