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CBEST and CSET Preparation: Teachers Test Prep

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VU Graduate Education Partners with Teachers Test Prep

The VU Graduate Program in Education has partnered with Teachers Test Prep Inc. (TTP), which provides guaranteed content-focused preparation courses that will help you pass your required California state exams (CBEST, CSET and RICA). TTP services include free practice tests, instant diagnostics, and study guide overviews. And, the partnership with VU entitles current VU students discount prices for both their Core Plus online prep and Live prep courses.

To begin the process, please contact Andre Abrantes at andre.abrantes@vanguard.edu to initiate an account using your Vanguard email address, which identifies you as a VU student and entitles you to a discount of 25% off the Live prep courses and 30% off the Core Plus online prep courses. You will then receive an email confirmation that directs you to create a password for your TTP account.

Review the TTP course offerings at www.teacherstestprep.com and then go to www.vanguard.edu/readytestgo to purchase your preparation course(s).