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The mission of the graduate program in education is to provide a supportive, reflective learning community in which teachers develop the professional relationships, skills, and knowledge base necessary to empower all students to reach their highest potential. This program integrates vibrant Christian faith with all facets of learning and life.

Teaching Credential Program

Master of Arts in Education

Teacher Advancement Program

The Graduate Program in Education’s Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) courses are designed to provide current teachers with continuing education to increase their knowledge and effectiveness in the classroom. Vanguard University and TAP have partnered with College Credit Connection (CCC) to provide a wide variety of learning formats to teachers.


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Quick Facts: Teaching Credential Program

Total Units: 27-29

Cost Per Unit: $610*

Length of Program:

  • 2-3 Semesters

Start Terms:
Fall and Spring

CBEST / CSET DEADLINES (for 2 semester program only):
May 1 – Fall
November 1 – Spring

*Tuition is based on the 2019/2020 academic year and is subject to change.


California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
West Coast Science
Western Association of Schools & Colleges
Council for Christian Colleges & Universities
Assemblies of God

A Sampling of Graduate Education Courses

EDUG 519

English Language Arts in Elementary Classrooms

English Language Arts in Elementary Classrooms

This course covers theories, principles and instructional practices of reading/language arts instruction in the elementary classroom and includes: language acquisition; four communication skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing; diagnostic and early intervention techniques; and key themes of a balanced, comprehensive, instructional program. Specific content knowledge needed in preparation for RICA is aligned in this course.

EDUG 523

Instructional Design & Subject-Specific Pedagogy for Multiple Subject

Instructional Design & Subject-Specific Pedagogy for Multiple Subject

In this course, candidates, strengthen their subject matter expertise and application by familiarizing themselves with subject matter content standards and appropriate pedagogical strategies for teaching specific subject matter disciplines (math, science, social studies, etc.). Working with the cohort faculty leader and expert practitioners, teacher candidates develop lessons for the diverse populations of students in today’s classrooms using the Backward Design planning strategy that focuses on integrating subject-specific content standards, Common Core Literacy standards, and English Language Development standards. Candidates develop in-depth lesson plans utilizing Inductive, Deductive, and Cooperative methodologies.

EDUG 509

Foundations in Teaching Multiple Subject

Foundation in Teaching Multiple Subject

Teacher candidates analyze the philosophical and historical background of public education in California. Candidates acquire a range of positive behavioral supports for students with the basic knowledge, skills and strategies for engaging and supporting diverse learners, including students with special needs, English learners, Standard English Learners, and students with other learning needs in the least restrictive environment. Candidates develop a plan to establish an inclusive and culturally responsive learning environment.

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Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Sylvia Kane EdD

Director of Graduate Education, Chair, Division of Education, Associate Professor of Education

Mikki Gil PhD

Professor of Education and Anthropology

Rebecca Spady EdD

Assistant Professor of Education

Jennifer Jagerson PhD

Assistant Professor of Education

Terrelle Sales EdD

Assistant Professor of Education

Andre Abrantes

Program Coordinator

Donna Mantei

Credential Analyst and Student Teaching Coordinator

Chriss Erickson

Teacher Advancement Program Specialist and Data Analyst

Dianna Smith

Grant Activities Coordinator

William Hughes

Administrative Assistant

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