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Clinical Psychology Alumni and Colleague Resources

Alumni Resources

Request for Phone or Written Recommendation

If you would like to request a letter of recommendation from a faculty member, or include their name as a reference, please complete this form.

Licensing Information and Support

If you need any information, documents, verifications, etc. while applying for internship/licensing in California or any other state, please contact us at gradpsych@vanguard.edu. We can supply you with any needed documentation, as well as advise you about which courses would best meet various requirements.

Keep in Contact

We have a private Facebook group just for "Grad Psych" alumni. This group is a great resource for job listings, workshops, referrals requests, etc. If you are interested in joining you can search for the group (Vanguard Grad Psych) and request to join or contact us.

To contact us, feel free to email us at gradpsychalumni@vanguard.edu or call us at 714-619-6450.

Colleague and Professional Partner Resources

Program Contact Information

Jennifer Fee – Interim Director 714-619-6456
Jeannie Colvin – Director of Clinical Training 714-619-6452
Lisa Hann – Assistant Director 714-619-6451

Graduate Psychology
3000 W MacArthur Blvd, Ste 100
Santa Ana, CA 92704
714-556-3610 (University)
714-619-6450 (Grad Psych)

Announcements to our Students and Alumni

We regularly contact our alumni and students and would love to pass along any job postings, resource information, workshops/seminars, etc. Feel free to email us at gradpsych@vanguard.edu with any flyers, attachments or questions.

Personal Therapy for Students

  • Our students are required to complete 30 sessions of personal therapy with a licensed therapist for their degree requirements. If you are interested in being included in our list of available therapists, please complete the Therapist Information Form. If you have any questions, please email Lisa Hann.

Practicum Sites

We are always looking for additional sites to partner with in training our practicum students. If you would like to be added to our list, or update your information, please complete the Practicum Site Information Form. If you have any questions about our clinical placement process feel free to contact Jeannie Colvin, Director of Clinical Training. If you have any questions about the online form or referral list you can contact Lisa Hann.

Supervisor Evaluation of our Program

In an effort to continually improve our program we created a Supervisor Evaluation of Grad Psych for supervisors to give us feedback regarding the effectiveness of our clinical and professional training. The feedback from these evaluations will help us compile an overall picture of our students and improve our training.